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Service Disruptor Series: How Clockwise Tees is using customer service for brand building

What’s the connection between branding and customer service? Well, if you have a bad customer service with a company you are most likely going to attribute it to the brand. Today, customers expect a connected, personalized experiences across a company’s website, mobile app, their store, and every touchpoint with that company. If my iPhone breaks and I call AT&T, I better hope AT&T knows the model of my phone and have a replacement plan ready for me. That’s my expectation. Meeting my expectation is what’s going to keep me loyal to both the Apple and AT&T brands.

Because as customers our expectations have changed and we expect our experience with companies to be seamless and fast, this makes it extremely important for companies to have the right technology or process in place to deliver. All of this is especially important for SMBs because they’ve worked so hard to acquire each and every customer, they simply can’t afford to lose any of them.

That’s why we invited Jonathan from Clockwise Tees, a Marketing guru, to share with us how they built their brand and increased loyalty by providing the right level of customer service. Check out these 3 tips that you can start implementing for your company today.

1. Deliver 24/7 Customer Service Across the Globe: A support center is a place on your site for customers to find answers to frequently asked questions. As customers we are the happiest when we can resolve our answers on our own whenever we want. A support center allows Clockwise Tees' customers to go and find answers on their own.  With this model, their customer service agents no longer have to keep responding to things like “What is your shipping policy?” a million times a day.

2. Create a Consistent Playbook that Aligns with the Brand: An internal knowledge base is a centralized library for your agents to grab answers from so your every interaction with the customer is consistent and accurate at all times.

3. Personalize every Customer Interaction, FAST: Productivity tools in allow agents to work faster. Agents at Clockwise Tees use macros to automatically add responses when they need to provide the same information to multiple customers, while still personalizing every communication on any channel. Case assignment is another tool that Clockwise Tees uses to ensure that everyone from marketing to production are all staying aligned and delighting their customers.

Get more tips and hear from Jonathan, aka our Marketing guru, on his customer service philosophy and how he uses for brand-building. Check out the webinar

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