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Ten Customer and Employee Focused Ideas for National Customer Service Week

Every year, the first week of October is National Customer Service Week.  Are you doing anything special?  Here are ten customer and employee focused ideas (and there are a lot more) that you can do during this very important week.

1. Call your best customers, just to say hello and thank them for their business.  (Or maybe all of your customers.)

2. Call customers who haven’t bought from you in over a year.

3. Have someone in your company deliver a customer service training session.  Hint: Use customer service articles or ideas from business books as the topics for discussion.  Many articles can be found at

4. Once a day throughout the week, distribute an article about customer service to all of your employees.  (Go to the website mentioned in #3 to get the articles.)

5. Use this week as an excuse to send out a survey to your customers to get feedback.

6. This is a good week for an annual review of your website (is it truly customer friendly) and any other processes in place that relate to customer service and sales.

7. Create a short video, thanking your customers, and post it on YouTube with links from other social media sites.  Consider having as many of your employees as possible be a part of the video.

8. Have a contest for employees to come up with the best customer service examples that they have created for their customers (either internal or external).

9. Have a contest for employees to suggest the best way the company can improve customer service.

10. Don’t just focus on the outside customer.  Do something for your internal customers.  Remember my Employee Golden Rule: The best companies treat their employees the way they want their customers treated – sometimes even better.

Finally, it has always been my belief that Customer Service Week should really be every week!  Now, go out there and be amazing!

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