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Three customer service tips from around the globe

Salesforce World Tour

Every March, the team here at packs our bags and heads out on the Salesforce World Tour.  The past couple months have been exciting as we’ve talked to customers about how they’ve built awesome customer experiences to take their businesses to new heights. And they’ve been enlightening, too. Here are the top 3 customer service tips we learned on this year’s trek.  

Tip 1:  Monitor metrics

The Windy City never fails to bring us passionate customers who put support at the forefront of their businesses. Nate Peace, Support Operations Lead at SpotHero, talked to us about how monitoring support efforts ensures they provide awesome service. One of the best ways to provide an exceptional customer experience is to use metrics to understand what your customers want from your company. To that end, Nate’s team of “support heroes” takes down inquiries one at a time and has increased first call response times dramatically with Monitoring metrics and KPIs, Nate says, continuously keeps his customer service team on track and pushes them to take down more issues faster.  

Tip 2: Customer experience is everything

In the land down under, we heard from Temple & Webster, an online retailer for furniture and décor. Temple & Webster understood they needed to create an awesome customer experience from day one to be competitive in a saturated online retail market. They built their service processes with to serve over 1.5 million members.

Tip 3:  Happy agents = happy customers

Happy agents deliver the best customer service. How do you increase job satisfaction? Empower your agents to make basic decisions, make sure your team isn’t overworked, and encourage a positive work environment. Scaling has been easy for Temple & Webster, an online retailer for furniture and decor; as their needs grow, they’ve added wisely to their support team. The customer service crew loves using because it gives them the tools they need to do their jobs without unnecessary frustration — and their CSAT scores have skyrocketed along the way. The Temple & Webster agents like their jobs so much, they even refer their friends to work there, too. And that’s the best feedback of all.

From the Eastern Hemisphere to the West, we’re excited to see companies focus on the customer experience. Research shows that by 2020 customers will make buying decisions based solely off experience. We know our customers will be ready... Will yours?


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