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Three questions that improve customer experience

In today's hyper-connected world, where one bad review can be magnified across the social web, customer experience is more important than ever. Customer perception is influenced by every interaction with your company driving business outcomes that can make or break your business.

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Ian Jacobs, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, joined us for a webinar to talk about customer service trends that cann take your service from good to better to best.  To get all of Jacobs' tips and tricks, watch the full webinar recording below. If you're short on time,  be sure to check out these 3 key questions you should be asking yourself  build a better customer service experience for your company.

Question #1: What's your customer experience strategy?

If customer experience encompasses every interaction a customer has with your company, you need a way to keep track of every one  to give your team the context they need to know customers and deliver better service.  Getting a scalable customer service solution is a great first step for implementing a customer experience strategy that will help your business grow.

Question #2: Are you ready to deliver service on Twitter?

Customer service on social channels continues to rise, and Twitter is staying in the with  more than 80% of cases.  As millennials turn to Twitter to interact with companies and get their questions answered, the only question for your company is: are you ready?  It doesn't have to be scary and it's not hard, but it does require making sure your agents are ready with the tools they need to respond to Twitter as part of your customer experience strategy.

Question #3: How have you incorporated self-service into your strategy?

Today's customers prefer to find their own answers without contacting customer service.  With traditional channels like phone or email now functioning escalation channels from your self-service options, it's more important than ever that your self-service experience is amazing.  You need a well-defined strategy for producing and updating self-service content, a plan for making it searchable and discoverable, and a system for transitioning customers into interacting with an agent without frustrating them.

With the answers to these three questions, you are on your way to building a scalable customer experience and delivering fast, awesome customer service to your customers.

Watch the complete customer service trends webinar for all of the tips, tricks, insights, and data you need to craft a brilliant customer experience.

Want to learn more? Download the full Forrester Research white paper here ▸

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