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Three ways GoSquared achieves 1264% ROI from customer service with

Salesforce and GoSquared ROI Case Study, by Nucleus Research

For many startups and small businesses, establishing a worldwide customer base is a huge milestone. Congratulations -- you've made it to the big leagues! But now that you've taken your company to the global stage, how do you make sure all those customers are still supported, without adding international staff or breaking the bank? And how do you maintain the fast, personalized support your customers have come expect of you as a smaller business?

For GoSquared, a fast-growing company offering real-time analytics for websites and apps, the answer was scaling their customer service with Check out three ways GoSquared uses to manage a global customer base, all without adding new staff. And the best part? The company now saves $71K in annual support costs. A 1264% ROI may sound outlandish, but with, anything's possible!

Branded Support Portal

With customizable templates from, GoSquared set up a branded online support center where customers can find quick solutions to their issues. Because customers are now empowered to find answers on their own, GoSquared's small support team can concentrate on helping those with more complicated issues, all without adding more staff.

Agent Productivity Tools

One of the biggest support challenges GoSquared faced with its previous support process (a glorified combination of email and spreadsheets) was a lack of structured workflows and case management. comes with out-of-the-box agent productivity tools, such as rules and automated workflows, giving them the ability to quckly and easily resolve their growing number of customer cases.

Customer Service Insights

As a web and app analytics provider, GoSquared was naturally interested in's analytics and reporting capabilities. Using Business Insights helps the company better understand the nature of customer service issues -- and use that information to guide improvements in products and services. And's Flex agent pricing helps GoSquared make sure that everyone on the team can continue to be involved in customer service without breaking the bank.

To learn more about how GoSquared achieved 1264% ROI with, read the full Nucleus Research ROI report ▸

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