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TripADeal’s Fantastic Voyage with

If you’re dreaming about your next adventure or vacation, you’re not alone. Norm Black went one better — took his dreams of travel and passion for adventure and turned it into a successful business, TripADeal. The website is known for offering unique experiences at great prices and it’s found a sweet spot with customers looking for everything from reindeer riding to surfing safaris and more.

As the customer base grew, Black needed a support tool to help the business manage increasing customer demands coming from multiple channels. He chose to manage customer cases and create a solid system for his global team to provide fast, accurate answers.

Besides stocking the site with awesome adventures at great prices, Black learned that being responsive to customer inquiries within two hours made a significant difference in ensuring they actually purchased the adventure package they’re dreaming of, instead of just browsing. Before, responding to customers could take up to 24 hours. Now, he says, the team strives for two hours.

Check out this video to see how helped TripADeal put a system into place enabling agents to always handle customer requests, on any channel and from around the globe. Helps TripADeal

  • Allows the global team to collaborate across time zones

  • Ensures there’s always an agent available to pick up a conversation and help close the deal

  • Aggregates multiple channels of customer contact into a single queue ensuring each inquiry — phone, email, or tweet — receives a timely response

We want to hear your stories too! Are you a customer that’s found great customer support has helped your business thrive? What improvements have you seen and how had helped?

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