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Unique marketing ideas to drive more traffic to your website

Unique marketing ideas to drive more traffic to your website

You work hard to get the word out about your business, but are your efforts paying off? If you spend hours crafting the perfect marketing campaign—only to see no sales as a result—you’re putting in all of that hard work for nothing.

One of the biggest indicators of marketing success is an increase in website traffic. It’s also one of the easiest to measure, since analytics will show you where customers were when they clicked over to your site. Are the hours you spent creating content for your blog paying off in the form of increased search rankings? Or are customers most often clicking over from the email messages you send every Monday? If you’re doing everything possible but still not seeing an increase in traffic flow, there are a few less conventional things you can do to boost those numbers.

Monitor traffic

You’re likely already monitoring your website traffic, but no basic analytics solution captures every site visitor. You may find that you can get details on those who come from Google searches, but your email marketing conversions are lost. Some may be finding you through social media, while others click on a link in a forum where you’re mentioned. If you aren’t capturing all of these, you’re missing an important piece of the marketing puzzle. Using a tool that conducts reverse DNS lookup, you can see exactly where every site visit originated, whether it was email, social media, another website, or an online search. You can then adjust your marketing efforts to get a better ROI.

Use Facebook Groups

In case you’ve missed it, Facebook Groups have exploded in popularity in recent years, giving members the opportunity to interact on niche topics. You can easily find a group where your potential customers are likely to be interacting on a subject related to what you sell, and then you can provide your expertise. If you operate on a local level, join community Facebook groups and interact in a professional, helpful manner. Avoid spamming the group with posts about your business, even if it’s allowed. Instead, merely chime in to give advice when someone needs help. If your business name is clearly visible in your profile, customers will naturally gravitate toward your business. If your subject matter is something that is likely to interest people, consider starting your own Facebook Group to get the word out about what you do.

Contribute content

One of the most popular ways to market brands these days is through the use of guest posts. But your strategy should go beyond blogging on websites that belong to colleagues and friends. Reach out to top publications and offer your content as a subject matter expert in exchange for a link to your website. The more niche the publication, the more likely they’ll be to take an interest in what you have to say. If you can land a regular contributor gig, all the better. You’ll be able to establish thought leadership on an ongoing basis and eventually, customers will start to take notice.

Start a podcast

Podcasts are growing in popularity, especially when they relate to professional topics. Busy entrepreneurs like the fact that they can download a free podcast and listen while they’re on the go. Focus on content that listeners are likely to find through a basic search of the podcast section of the iTunes store and gear your episodes around that. If you’re pressed for content, consider asking some other industry experts to agree to come on for an interview. If you can line up enough of those, you’ll have enough content to last for months.

Publish an infographic

Infographics pull useful information into a visually-appealing format. For that reason, they tend to get online shares. If you put effort into conducting a unique study and gather facts related to your business’s offerings, you’ll also win the attention of online publications, which are constantly looking for a new study to share with their readers. Once you’ve created your infographic, combine it with a press release that summarizes its findings and send it to relevant publications.

Marketing trends change each year, but if professionals are aware of them, they can come up with marketing campaigns that drive traffic and bring sales. It’s important to make sure your website is in top shape before designing a marketing campaign to send customers there. But once you get started, you’ll begin seeing immediate results.

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