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Webinar series: Make your customer support philosophy a reality

When you say “customer service is important” at your company, you won’t get any arguments.  Ask Google why support is important, and you’ll get a million reasons—everything from repeat business to cost to competitive advantage. But it’s easy to get lost when you start thinking through how to execute on your philosophy of great customer service so your customers can feel the love. As hard as you work to deliver a great customer experience, it’s your customers who decide whether you’re doing it right or wrong… and if it’s wrong, they’ll choose to spend their money elsewhere without telling you why.  

So how do you put your great intentions into practice? We’ve teamed up with an expert who can help. Brent Leary, Co-Founder and Partner of CRM Essentials, focuses on implementing strategies and technologies affecting profitability through customer relationship management. And with more than 14 years of consulting experience, he knows the right questions and the best approach to building a strategy unique to your business. Over the next few months, Brent and I will cover a range of topics in a six-part webinar series to help you get better at the how-to’s of customer service, including how to:

  • Formalize feedback to track customer satisfaction
  • Expand your service channels to incorporate self-service and social
  • Develop a customer-centric culture
  • Transform customer experience to stand out from the crowd

Join us this week for our first webinar in the series where we’ll tackle the critical question: “How do you know when you’re great at customer service?” Because you might be at one of the 80% of companies that *say* they deliver amazing customer service, but if your customers disagree with you (and it’s likely that many of them do), it’s time to reexamine your strategy.

If you ask five different people what it means to be great at customer service, you’ll get eight different answers. So let’s dive in to figure it all out. Bring your questions and join the conversation. In this first webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • What does a great “customer experience” mean
  • How customer experience is different from (but related to) customer service
  • The processes that give you data to track how well you’re really doing at support

Register for the webinar today - we look forward to having you there!

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