Learn customer support strategies from our customers, partners, and expert bloggers. updates Best practices featured as one of best apps for running a startup from your phone is featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the “Best Apps to Run a Startup From Your Phone”

It’s no secret that we want to make it easy for startups to grow their business with awesome customer service. Most entrepreneurs are constantly on the go, so having a mobile offering and using mobile apps regularly, is key to your strategy. is featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the “Best Apps to Run a Startup From Your Phone”, and we couldn’t be more excited.

As a startup founder or CEO, it’s a no-brainer to choose solutions for running your business that have a mobile app so you can always keep an eye on the business. This also applies to your employees who are likely are managing multiple things at one time - whether it’s getting your latest product out the door, answering a support ticket, closing deals, or even just planning the next all hands meeting.

Here’s more on why the Wall Street Journal names a must-have app for startups looking to do more on-the-go.
What it does: It routes customer-support requests from a variety of sources, including phone, email and social media, into a single queue in the app, enabling users to quickly address requests or assign them to others in the team. Managers can get an instant view of how many issues are resolved and open, and shared priority lists help keep everyone on the same page. In addition, the app, from, can integrate with Salesforce’s customer-relationship-management software.
Cost: $35 to $135 a month, depending on the level of customization and support needed

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