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You don’t share your toothbrush. Why share an inbox?

Moving from a shared inbox to e-book

Some things just aren’t made for sharing… Still, many small businesses start out by managing customer service via email and spreadsheets. One person (usually the founder) responds to customer inquires as they come in. But as the company grows, it’s hard for a shared inbox to keep up. It takes several employees to monitor, and chaos ensues. Customers can receive multiple answers to their questions — or sometimes none at all.  

Fast-growing businesses like The Fruit Guys, Greenvelope, and Susty Party know that sharing is over-rated. They easily scaled their customer service by moving from email to the helpdesk solution. You can too! Check out our new e-book “Moving from a shared email account to” to know when you should consider leaving email behind, and learn how can help.

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