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Desk.com helps us maintain a consistent voice while responding to customer inquiries from every channel.

Gabi Bruce , Fitness & Nutrition Team Leader
Industry: Healthcare

Personalized service to help customers meet their goals

You probably know how hard it can be to keep motivated to stay healthy. That’s why timely, personalized customer support with Desk.com has been so important to the success of 12WBT (12 Week Body Transformation), one of the fastest-growing health and wellness companies in Australia. 12WBT has helped tens of thousands of members who collectively have shed a massive 1 million kilograms. Desk.com helps 12WBT keep customers motivated and on the way toward meeting their goals.

A healthy customer experience

Desk.com provides a hub for all of 12WBT’s customer communications, including member forums, knowledge base articles, social media, live chat sessions, and support services. Nutritionists, fitness trainers, and administrative staff use Desk.com to provide personalized advice to members and to tap into real-time user trends to customize the 12WBT member experience. Desk.com also helps the 12WBT support crew deliver expert and timely advice to individual members while creating a consistent experience through all channels for the globally expanding fitness brand.

Consistently great service

Desk.com’s rich analytics and reporting capabilities enable the team to measure inquiry types, channels, response times, and more – and shape the company’s offering accordingly. Internally, Desk.com helps the team meet service productivity goals. In all, Desk.com enables the rapidly growing 12WBT team to maintain a high level of transparency, which ultimately means great service for the tens of thousands of members that sign up to each 12WBT round.

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