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Ashley Crosby , Customer Success Manager
Industry: High Tech

Mapping the way to awesome customer service

Mapping data is both an art and a science—just ask Arrowpointe. As the makers of the popular Geopointe mapping solution for Salesforce, the Arrowpointe team understands it takes some ramp-up and training for people to maximize their geolocation tools. When Arrowpointe was small, lengthy 1:1 support calls were no big deal for agents—but the company’s rapid growth made that type of hand-holding impossible to maintain. That’s when they mapped their way to

The fastest route to an answer

“People have questions. They need someone to problem-solve and make recommendations,” says Ashley Crosby, a Customer Success Manager at Arrowpointe. But with so many questions and cases coming in as the company grew, the overwhelmed service team needed help. They wanted a user-friendly support solution that could help maintain their guiding principles: “We respond to everyone within a business day, even if it’s not the answer. And we take care to be personal in our responses—we don’t want to sound like a robot,” says Crosby.

Arrowpointe chose for its scalable support features—like filters, online forms, and reporting. The team also cites’s integration with Salesforce as a key factor in their decision: “A lot of cases come in from prospects, so the service team works out the kinks and sends them right back to sales. Since everything populates in and Salesforce, it’s seamless—and the prospects are amazed at the collaboration and response.”

Pinpointing success has helped Arrowpointe handle cases more efficiently. “The status tracker and built-in rules make managing the case lifecycle incredibly easy,” says Crosby. “Plus, the mobile app rocks. It’s easy to use and doesn't require us to build mobile-specific configurations.” The team has also reduced cases thanks to the knowledge base and auto-search tools, and has even integrated GetFeedback for instant temperature checks on how people interact with the agents and content. Efficient, personal service? “ is awesome.”

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