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Kenny Van Zant , Head of Operations
Industry: High Tech

Making everyone part of the support team

The most successful businesses know that to make it in competitive marketplace, everyone at your company needs to work together as a team. There’s simply no room in today’s world for siloed information or a lack of transparency. At Asana, which makes tools to help businesses manage tasks and projects more productively, teamwork is more than just marketing speak. It’s part of the company’s DNA. That’s why Asana uses for customer support.

Efficiency can be easy

Asana initially chose because it makes it easy to communicate with customers through email, web, Twitter, and more. But the company quickly grew to love its ease of use and flexibility as well.

“Any employee can get up and running on in just a few minutes, so it’s really easy to expand the number of people interacting with customers,” says Kenny Van Zant, Head of Operations. “It helps our support team be more efficient, even during periods of extraordinary growth.”

And, with, Asana’s team can quickly update filters and routing rules on the fly, so the company can easily react during busy times or when a business process needs change.

Connecting customers and product roadmaps

Not only does help Asana offer amazing support, but it also helps the company increase transparency and leverage customer insights. The customer support team regularly reports on customer issues and shares feedback with the rest of the company, working with product management to tweak existing features or add new ones.

Van Zant explains, “We use Desk to read and track every piece of customer feedback, which makes the support team instrumental in building the company's product roadmap.”

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