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Relationships are a big part of who we are as a company.

Dwayne David , Customer Service Manager
Industry: Services

Creating amazing experiences to support nonprofits

When your whole business is built around experiences, it’s critical that every customer interaction is exceptional. No one knows that better than Charitybuzz, which brings together hundreds of the world’s most acclaimed celebrities, luminaries, and brands for auctions supporting nonprofits. “Every interaction that we have with celebrities, charity partners, bidders, and auction winners needs to be amazing,” says Dwayne David, Customer Service Manager. “That’s why we use”

Buzz-worthy communications centralizes communications between Charitybuzz’s auction specialists and customer concierge team with the more than 2,500 nonprofits, 100,000 bidders, and countless celebrities in its community. Previously they used email to manage support cases, but it was difficult for teams to collaborate, issues sometimes fell through the cracks, and there was no accountability.

Now, as soon as a customer registers on the Charitybuzz site, a record is created in that includes a history of every interaction, including past auctions and bids currently live. Autoreponses are sent via when customers place their first bids, when they’ve been outbid, when they win an auction, and any other important step in the bidding process. Auto responses and macros help winning bidders through the process of redeeming their purchases (which can sometimes take months due to celebrity availability). If customers have inquiries along the way, macros automatically follow up and ensure they are quickly routed to the right agents.

Reporting in Business Insights helps Charitybuzz measure productivity and optimize its support processes. It also helps the company forecast seasonal demand, measure the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns and social promotions, and monitor shipping processes.

Building and maintaining relationships

While everyone at Charitybuzz jumps in to help during the busy times, with Charitybuzz’s customer concierge team of three can easily manage 700 cases each week with an average handle time of just six minutes. Building and maintaining relationships is key for the company’s success. “ centralizes our communications which are so important to help us provide great experiences,” says David. “It’s the hub of everything we do here.”

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