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With Desk.com we're resolving 80% of our cases in the first interaction.

Talton Figgins , Product Support Lead
Industry: High Tech

Doubling support agent productivity

There’s so much online content these days that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. With Disqus’ community platform, publishers can grow a more engaged audience that spends more time on site and consumes more content. Today the company supports one billion monthly unique visitors across 40 languages and facilitates 20 million comments that are read by 3 billion people each month. The company tripled in size in the past two years, but maintains awesome customer service with Desk.com.

Connecting departmental silos

Desk.com helps Disqus connect previously siloed parts of its organization, including sales, engineering, and product departments. Now, product information can be easily shared throughout the company with Desk.com. For example, alerts can be sent to the product and support teams about potential issues, or the sales team can get notifications when new knowledge base articles are available to use with prospects. The company can also manage social media customer requests along with requests from other channels, all in one support queue. And, it has greater visibility to performance data that helps it optimize support processes and better manage the overall business.

80% of cases resolved on first interaction

Desk.com helped Disqus double the productivity of its customer service team, which now resolves 80% of customer service cases on the first interaction. This leads to happier customers and more productive agents, who can handle a larger case volume. In addition, Desk.com’s mobile app gives Disqus the flexibility to stay in touch with customers anywhere, any time.

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