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Phil McMannis , VP of Product & Engineering
Industry: Services swaps its shared inbox for

Explosive growth might seem like a nice problem to have, but it can wreak havoc on customer service teams. Just ask, an online platform allowing businesses to build their own brands with DIY tools. The small business initiated its service operations through a shared email account, managing requests via filters and routing cases by putting emails into folders. But as the company grew, the team began to stretch the limits of the inbox. That’s when they found

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“Email was fine at first, but we started to have multiple people working on the same problem at the same time, and the confusion led to cases slipping through the cracks,” says Phil McMannis,’s Vice President of Product and Engineering. “We were at an impasse: We had too much volume for 2 people to handle, but it also wasn’t manageable to have 3-4 people working from the same inbox.” evaluated multiple solutions and chose for its ease of use. “ was ready right out of the box,” says McMannis. “It was unbelievably easy.” Today uses for email support and customer self-service, providing support for multiple brands in 8 different languages. The company sees great value in  features like case histories and filters. “We have a filter running looking for tickets that have gone beyond 5 responses. Now those cases are automatically escalated so we can jump in before they go longer.”

The team has also capitalized on direct product feedback: “Our product managers have access to and can see what’s going on with customers. They use that information to inform our roadmap.”

A service-centric brand has dramatically reduced manual processes through macros and labels, and agents rely on notes and escalation methodologies to solve customer issues as quickly as possible. “We’ve cut time to resolution by 50% and increased CSAT scores by an average of 30%,” says McMannis. “ helps us keep all issues visible. We never want to seem uncaring or unresponsive, not even with one customer.”

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