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Nicole Wagner , Client Experience Manager
Industry: Hospitality

Keeping customer relationships healthy with

How does a small business stay responsive to customers and make every interaction great while expanding across the country? For the FruitGuys, which delivers fresh fruit boxes to more than 3,000 businesses and serves roughly 83,000 students in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and other cities each week, it’s with insights from the customer support app.

“ helps us understand our business and provide consistently great service,” says Julie Collins, Customer Service Lead. “With we keep customer relationships healthy.”

Staying responsive

The FruitGuys responds to every customer inquiry as soon as possible and with they work toward their goal of responding to all customers within 2 hours. When the company was founded in 1998, one person managed support so it was easy to see whether questions had been answered. As the team grew it became difficult to track who had responded to which emails. The company chose to bring their support channels together in one place, prioritize cases, and maintain two-hour response times no matter how busy they get.

Now they use labels and filters to prioritize cases and quickly follow up on “fruit emergencies”. Macros help them quickly respond to customers, especially during busy times, and workflows keeps cases moving quickly toward resolution. They use notes to make it easier for multiple teams to collaborate when helping customers, like when accounting needs to jump into and help solve a billing question.’s Business Insights have been key to the success of The FruitGuys. With pre-configured reports they can easily track activity metrics to see how agents are performing and staff adequately for high volume days. Business Insights also helps them spot trends and adjust the mix in their boxes as needed.

Delivering happy customers

While growing from a San Francisco apartment to a nationwide fresh fruit delivery service with over 100 employees, the FruitGuys has maintained awesome customer service and helped people all over the country stay healthy.

“ gives us insights that help us think ‘out of the box’ about our business,” says Collins. “Getting it was decision that’s borne fruit for us.”

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