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With Desk.com it's easy for all of our employees to pitch in and help customers.

James Gill , Founder and CEO
Industry: High Tech

Moving ahead with total company support

What’s the best way to make sure everyone at your company is committed to customer success? By having every employee — even the CEO — help with customer support. Just ask GoSquared. The fast-growing company makes an easy-to-use web analytics tool that tracks billions of page views each month and gives customers better access to their data. “We believe everyone at our company should have direct contact with customers, so we can all understand their needs,” says James Gill, Founder and CEO. “At GoSquared we’re all case handlers.”

Giving Desk.com the green light

In the early days GoSquared’s employees used email and spreadsheets to manage support inquiries. Gill wanted to keep every employee involved in support as the company grew, but it was hard to do this in email without cases falling through the cracks. GoSquared chose Desk.com for its ease of use, easy collaboration, and features like knowledge base and macros. Now they can quickly answer common technical questions while scaling as support volumes increase.

If they want to find answers on their own, GoSquared’s customers can quickly find solutions using the company’s branded support center, powered by Desk.com. By integrating their own product with Desk.com, GoSquared can see which support articles are viewed most and how much time customers reading them, analyze which are the most helpful, and see where the company needs to improve its offerings.

Desk.com’s Business Insights gives GoSquared the information they need to optimize their support operations and reward the employees who are doing the most to help customers. The company tags every case and inquiry so they can see where they need to improve their products and services and make smarter decisions about every aspect of their business.

Great customer support that never stops

Fast support and a total-company commitment to service has helped GoSquared attract and retain customers, expanding its base to include everyone from teenage bloggers to Jaguar/LandRover and the governments of Tennessee and Missouri. Desk.com has also helped it optimize products to better meet their needs. For example, when they discovered that the highest volume of support inquiries were around integration they made improvements to the way customers are onboarded and added additional integration-related articles to their support center.

“It’s important that we scale the quality and awesomeness of our service as we grow,” says Gill. “Desk.com is helping us do that.”

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