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Adding support to our product was our recipe for customer service success.

Benjamin Christie , President and Founder
Industry: Media

Reducing customer inquiries by 80% with Desk.com

How does a rapidly-growing startup scale customer support as it expands around the globe? For Gourmet Ads, an online platform that manages advertising for 1,200+ food websites, it’s by adding support to its product. The company, which has operations in U.S., Europe, and Australia, needed an easy way to offer in-product support 24/7 to its advertiser and publisher customers.

“Desk.com gives us the ability to let customers find their own answers,” says Benjamin Christie, founder and president. “Support inquiries are down and satisfaction is way up.”

One stop shop for employees and customers

Gourmet Ads initially used a competitive product, but the company wanted deeper integration between its different teams and the ability to integrate support into their product. “We wanted to take down the barriers between sales, marketing, and customer support,” says Christie. “And between our product and support experiences.”

Today 7 full time agents use Desk.com to manage customer support. The company follows a “follow the sun” support model, with seamless case handoff between agents in the east and west coasts of the US, Australia, and India. With integration between Desk.com, Salesforce, and Pardot, every team has easy access to 360-degree views so they can continuously improve customer experiences.

The company also embedded a Desk.com-powered support center within its product so customers are directed to specific knowledge articles when they have questions, or can click on a button to log a case with an agent – all without having to leave the Gourmet Ads experience. Visits to articles are automatically logged so the company can measure support content effectiveness or spot new issues as soon as they arise. After cases are logged, Desk.com’s automation and workflow features ensure that they move quickly toward resolution.

A solution that’s fully baked

Since switching to Desk.com, Gourmet Ads reports an 80 percent reduction in case volume and a 50 percent decrease in average time to first resolution. The company also has more detailed metrics for its knowledge base, so it can continue to optimize support. And, with more detailed product feedback, it can plan future improvements that customers really want.

“Desk.com is enabling us to realize our vision of being a one-stop shop for our customers,” says Christie. “It’s a game changer for us.”

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