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When we implemented we were up and running inside a few days.

Jared Simon , COO and Co-founder
Industry: Hospitality

Fast, friendly service tonight...and every night

Rapid growth is every startup’s dream, but it offers challenges as well. As HotelTonight, a mobile app for last-minute hotel reservations, grew to serve  over 300 destinations across 16 countries and five languages it was challenged to maintain high levels of support. With its business model hinging on serving customers in real time, it’s critical that support scales. That’s why the company uses

Making the customer experience relevant

“We got up and running in just a few days, and now lets us offer world-class support with personality and soul,"” says Jared Simon, HotelTonight COO and Co-Founder. helps HotelTonight stay organized so it can respond to customers quickly. And it’s multilingual support feature eeps customer communications consistent, no matter the country or language. Tying all of the company’s systems together, integrates Salesforce,, HipChat, and Corporate Looker Analytics. And, provides a way for HotelTonight to transmit customer information directly to any of its 10,000 hotel partners' systems and track the exchange.

300% growth in bookings

Referrals are critical for HotelTonight, making customer service a revenue generator through return customers and positive word-of-mouth. Thanks in large part to exceptional customer service, HotelTonight saw 300% growth in bookings over two years. To continue growing into the future, HotelTonight relies on reporting features to track data, pinpoint issues, and identify trends to proactively improve customer service and product development.

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