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With Desk.com, we never hit 'pause' on taking care of customers.

Andrew Prelusky , Client Engineer
Industry: Media

Watching out for customers with Desk.com

How does a fast-moving startup find time to provide detailed technical support for customers while also incorporating their input to improve its product? JW Player produces an advanced media player that is live on more than 2 million sites and streams billions of videos each month across phones, tablets, and desktops. To deliver the high-speed service its customers demand, the company uses Desk.com.

Fast-forwarding support processes

JW Player originally used email to manage support, but since it didn’t have an assignment system, multiple people often wasted hours working the same ticket. And without historical context it was sometimes difficult to fully understand customer issues.

With Desk.com, JW Player quickly routes cases to agents who use macros to respond to customers faster than ever. Customers can also help themselves anytime with a Desk.com-powered self-service portal that’s optimized for mobile.

JW Player uses labels to organize cases and produce analytics that help drive business and product decisions. With Desk.com business insights, it’s easy to see real time measurements at any time.

“Once a week we present the most popular trends on Desk.com,” says Andrew Prelusky, Client Engineer, Tech Support Representative, and Community Manager. “Labels help us catch bugs and capture feature requests to pass along to the product team.”

Bandwidth for rapid growth

With Desk.com, JW Player can now support larger, more demanding enterprise customers. With high quality articles in a mobile-optimized support site, the company is able to address many inquiries. When customers do need to talk to a person, agents quickly handle very technical questions. And with improved reporting and knowledge, the company can constantly fine-tune operations and products to make customers happier than ever.

“With Desk.com we can offer the high quality support that we need to keep customers happy and improve our products,” Prelusky adds. “It’s helping us grow.”

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