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Lassonde School of Engineering

We needed to streamline student support, and made the grade.

Student Recruitment Officer , Mudita Kundra
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Lassonde School of Engineering recruits for student support

Every customer expects the best help you can offer – even when they are still high school students. Just ask Mudita Kundra, Student Recruitment Officer at Lassonde School of Engineering at York University in Toronto. The 6,000+ students that apply to the school each year often have urgent questions and it’s her job to make sure they are answered promptly.

“Email didn’t work for us as we grew. We wanted to know who had responded to a student and manage quality, consistency and speed of our responses,” said Kundra. “ is helping us streamline communications with current and prospective students.”

High marks for automation

Today the school manages all recruitment and admissions communications through Macros automate responses to repetitive questions so the team can quickly get back to students and focus their time on more complicated inquiries.  

Lassonde also uses a help center to enable students to find their own answers. The site is customized to match the school’s brand and Kundra can quickly add or update articles based on student inquiries. Integration with GetFeedback allows students to rate articles so the school can provide solutions and improve the student experience.

Making the grade

With, Lassonde is poised for additional growth. Using Business Insights they can continually optimize help center effectiveness by determining peak enquiry times, and with’s unique flex agent pricing they can easily add temporary staff to scale support.

The Lassonde School of Engineering also uses Salesforce for student recruitment, communication and admissions. Syncing with Salesforce gives them a 360-degree view of the students as they move through the recruitment cycle.

“ has helped us reduce response times, and provide fast, helpful answers to prospective students,” says Kundra. “It’s really made the grade.”

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