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Customer Success Story

Desk.com helps us increase satisfaction so we gain customers — not lose them.

Whitney Klinkner , Community Manager
Industry: Healthcare

Gaining satisfied customers with Desk.com

From shopping to paying bills to finding a parking spot, today’s customers manage almost every aspect of their lives from their phones, so why not health and fitness too? More than 24 million consumers use Lose It! to set weight loss goals, count calories, track exercise, and get coaching and support from friends and the community. “Weight and wait are both bad words for our customers,” says Whitney Klinkner, Community Manager. “With Desk.com we answer questions quickly so customers can get back to focusing on their weight loss success.”

Tipping the scales with Desk.com

Lose It! initially managed customer support through a shared email account but it took too long to respond to inquiries, and many went unanswered. “We wanted to help customers lose weight, but not slip through the cracks,” says Klinkner. The support team was also not able to create enough pre-set responses to effectively handle the range of its customers’ needs.

Lose It! moved its support to Desk.com because the app was easy to set up and use, and because they could easily automate repetitive support tasks. Now three agents work in Desk.com full time, and the rest of the company uses flex licenses to track bug fixes and keep an eye on the business. Using Desk.com labels and filters, it’s easy to prioritize emails from Premium members so they can offer them a higher level of service. And every customer can find their own solutions at any time with a Desk.com-powered support center.

With Desk.com’s Business Insights, Lose It!’s team can easily monitor support metrics like case volume and time to first response, and track them over time. Labels also help the company spot new trends and issues, and easily communicate with all affected members when a specific problem is fixed.

Continuous improvement

With Desk.com, Lose It! responds to up to 4,700 cases each month, with an average daily response time of under 24 hours. Fast response times keep members happy and help them achieve their goals more quickly.

Feedback collected through Desk.com is also having a big impact on the business by helping Lose It! improve their products. “We identified some issues customers were having with upgrading and navigating our paid features,” says Klinkner. “Desk.com is helping us continue to improve our offerings as we grow and expand across the globe.”

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