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Gerald Palmer , Director of Customer Service
Industry: Healthcare

A new vision for customer service

Seeing is believing—but what if you don’t see as well as you should? That’s where Opternative, a new healthcare company offering online eye exams, can help. That’s right—just take a 20-minute eye exam via your smart phone and computer, and you’ll get a digital prescription for glasses or contacts within 24 hours. Super cool—but with speed guarantees like that, the company needed a top-notch solution for customer service.

Seeing customers eye to eye

Opternative had a troubleshooting system in place to handle questions from customers, but the company wanted a way to actually build customer relationships. They chose Desk.com thanks to its multichannel tool kit of filters and labels, business reporting, live chat, and more. “With Desk.com we can track a conversation, see a photo of the customer, and get real-time customer information via phone—all big wins for us,” says Gerald Palmer, Opternative’s Director of Customer Service.

“Now we use Desk.com to track cases per order, which lets us know how efficient we are at solving customer problems. Then we use that data to create FAQs and documentation to head-off future cases.” The healthcare company has seen a real uptick in patient satisfaction, medical efficiency, and partner sentiment.

Crystal clear visibility

Thanks to Desk.com, Opternative can concentrate on delivering high-quality, low-cost eye care. “We’ve cut our response times by 50%, and the on-time percentage for customers to have their products in hand is up to 92%. It’s fun to watch those numbers improve,” says Palmer. And those customer relationships? “Patients come first. It’s that simple. And Desk.com helps us do that.”

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