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Robotec Logo gives us increased visibility and accountability — we have a whole new outlook on our business.

Jesse Roy , Director of Service
Industry: Retail

Equipped for customer service: Rotobec swaps its shared inbox for

Rapid growth is every small business’s dream, but it can come with challenges. For Rotobec,a family-owned company that manufactures tools for heavy equipment, expanding to thousands of dealers in 35 countries meant thousands of inquiries, and Rotobec’s 10-person support team couldn’t keep up. “It was a real challenge,” says Jesse Roy, Rotobec’s Director of Service. “Customer service was done entirely through Outlook and email. There was no management or customer history;  it was based on people’s memory and word of mouth.”

Building customer service success

After evaluating multiple solutions, Rotobec chose for its customer service needs. Roy cited its flexibility and full feature set, all at a manageable price point: “It was, hands down, the best solution for us.” The service team immediately customized a help center and integrated with the website. “Visibility and accountability have been huge. Things used to get lost or forgotten; now we can see where the issues are and where we need to improve. There’s been a lot of self realization.” Plus, as a longtime Salesforce user, the executives liked the integration options.

An efficient new outlook

Today Rotobec uses to run a consolidated support operation. They use it as a product registration tool, and have even built a custom warranty process. The knowledge base and self-service portal have been big wins, deflecting common questions away from service agents. Perhaps best of all, the support team has created dozens of custom fields and labels to capture product issues and feedback. “We’ve included our engineering team in the assignment rules; when a case is beyond our knowledge, they can use to track where things stand and provide instructions.”

Yes, Rotobec’s customer service team has come a long way since its days with a shared inbox. Now they use’s Business Insights with a 3rd-party app called DataHero to track metrics and KPIs for product issues, failures, customer variables, response times, and time to resolution. And the effects? “Before, we were firefighters. Now we’re fire preventers.”

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