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Diego Alamir , Customer Service Team Lead
Industry: Services

Boosting customer response times 66% with

When companies are unable to quickly find the best talent, the whole business suffers. Hiring teams are frustrated, new hires don’t get the support they deserve, and business growth loses momentum. To ensure its customers have consistent access to the best tools to find and hire great people, SmartRecruiters, a full-featured cloud recruiting platform, uses to offer unparalleled customer service and a VIP experience for premium ones.

“Not only does help us pinpoint issues, it also helps us identify which product features to focus on for the future to better meet our customers’ needs,” says Diego Alamir, Customer Service Team Lead at SmartRecruiters.

Recruiting to help customers

SmartRecruiters initially offered support through email and online communities, but customer inquiries were sometimes lost and it was difficult to track and report them in real time. After deploying, SmartRecruiters was able to consolidate all of its support channels without relying on extensive and time-consuming IT support. New cases are now automatically grouped by customer type—Free, Pro, and Partner—and quickly routed to the right customer service representative. Integration with Salesforce lets SmartRecruiters reps see whether a customer is at risk or needs a higher level of service so they can optimize support based on that insight. It also helps the SmartRecruiters sales team maintain a closer relationship with customers.

Sometimes customers like to find their own answers. The new SmartRecruiters multi-brand support center, powered by, suggests likely solutions that can help customers find answers much faster than they would by looking on their own. In addition, with’s easy and automatic reporting, support managers can see where customers have questions and spot issues as soon as they arise, while continually optimizing team performance and processes to keep customers happy.

Maintaining great service while the business grows

Although SmartRecruiters continues to grow rapidly,’s automation capabilities and productivity tools have helped the company maintain high quality support, and with it, excellent customer satisfaction. “SmartRecruiters has seen meteoric growth in our customer base in the last 6 months, leading to a 126% increase in support case volume,” says Diego Alamir, Customer Service Team Lead. “Not only were we able to easily meet this demand, but we also improved response times to customers by 66%.”

The company has also used information from to make product enhancements. Product managers take advantage of flex user licenses to view customer feedback and feature requests that help inform product roadmaps. “We received so many questions about ‘where’s my job post’ that we added a button directly into the product,” explains Alamir. “Not only do modifications like that that cut down on support time, but they also improve the overall customer experience.”

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