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Customer Success Story helps us offer awesome service because when it comes to our customers, we don't monkey around.

Simon Hade , Co-founder, COO, CFO
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A customer experience that's fun and games

For Space Ape, which makes social games for mobile and tablet devices, taking care of customers isn’t monkey business. The company uses to offer in-app support to its 300,000 daily users, prioritize the most active users, and continually optimize its product. All this adds up to a customer experience that’s always fun and games.

A scalable customer support solution

“We chose because it was the easiest to get started on but also had the most potential to support our needs as we grew” says Simon Hade, Co-founder, COO, and CFO.

The company uses for in-game support so that customers can ask for help from within games. Customer information is automatically added to each case so agents can follow up with customers as quickly as possible.

Space Ape agents also use macros to help prioritize customers and make sure to help the most important ones first. Agents can also see which customers are at risk for churn and take the best actions to retain them. And by tracking issues in, everyone at Space Ape can see issues so they can quickly create new knowledge base articles or develop product fixes.

A new level of customer experience

Space Ape’s user base has grown from 10,000/day to 300,000/day since it started using, and the solution has scaled along with it. Hade estimates that 15-20% of the company’s revenues have been do to actions it has taken on customer feedback gathered in

In the future, the company plans to build even tighter in-game integration with “Providing knowledge articles or support within a game will help us offer an even better experience,” Hade explains.

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