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With Salesforce our customer service easily scaled through rapid growth.

Martin Lorentzon , Founder and Chairman
Industry: Media

Offering customer service with and Salesforce

From the mixed tapes of decades past to social media posts about what we’re listening to right now, sharing favorite songs and artists has always been important to music lovers. That universal desire to connect and share is fueling the success of music service Spotify.

Spotify is passionate about making all the world's music easy to access — and even easier to share. The service is integrated with Facebook, so users can easily connect with friends and share what they’re listening to. The company’s approach isn't just for customers; that philosophy is also core to how Spotify runs its business. “Connections are important to our business,” says Jonathan Forster, VP of Sales, EMEA. “That’s why we love Salesforce.”

The company uses Salesforce for everything from collaboration to tracking progress against quarterly targets to recognizing group and individual achievements to helping customers. With a growing catalog of millions of tracks and 10+ million active users in 15 countries, preserving its culture and personality is an ongoing challenge.

With Salesforce, Spotify has continued to offer amazing customer service since its days as a small startup. The company started by using for fast customer support and later migrated to an integrated Sales Cloud and Service Cloud system for a customized solution with 360-degree customer views and collaboration. “With Salesforce our customer service easily scaled through rapid growth,” explains Forster.

A new way to share music… and a new way to work

Spotify has created a culture of constant feedback and listening that makes the traditional performance review seem as outdated as an eight-track tape. “I'm surprised that companies still have processes where you give feedback to your staff only once per year,” says VP of HR Stefan Enholm. “We move so rapidly, it's impossible to wait 12 months to get feedback on how you’re doing.”

“As we've become spread out geographically, Salesforce helps us work as if we’re all still sitting in the same office,” adds Forster. “For us, it’s all about human contact. With Salesforce we can praise colleagues for great work or share problems and opportunities.”

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