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Jake Gasaway , Co-founder
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Scaling for busy times with

The holiday rush can be a make-it-or-break-it time for small business retailers and effective inventory management is critical for a successful holiday season. Too much inventory can be costly, but not enough inventory can result in lost sales. Stitch Labs, a cloud-based inventory management tool, uses to cost-effectively offer awesome service, so it can scale effortlessly to help its small business customers during the holiday rush.

“We don’t want to ever take a chance on missing a customer’s request,” says Jake Gasaway, Co-founder. “That’s why we use”

Customer service in time saves nine

Stitch Labs chose because it needed a solution that would let it quickly bring together all of its support channels and easily scale over time. Today it is used by 28 employees at the company, including support, sales, and the development team. “Having everyone on makes it easier for us to facilitate customer conversations with the right people,” explains Gasaway. With flex licenses, it’s cost-effective for every employee to participate in customer support.

With filters and labels, Stitch Labs can automatically route new cases to the right agents and quickly prioritize requests based on customer tiers and urgency of the request. Integration with Salesforce ensures that sales and service teams both have 360-degree customer visibility so they can work together to help customers and make every interaction great. And, with’s Business Insights, management can track response times and other support metrics, and quickly spot upcoming trends.

Scaling during busy times

With, Stich Labs easily handles an average case volume of 3,500+ cases each month, and has closed more than 100k since it first started using the solution. The company easily scales to meet demand and works together to help customers.

And, since today’s customers like to help themselves, Stitch Labs has a branded support center—powered by—with 270+ support articles. They can quickly post new support documents and maintain consistency with the rest of the site design.

Gasaway says, “ helps us be a customer-centric company. That’s one of our main competitive advantages.”

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