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Desk.com gives us the information and knowledge to consistently deliver the products and service our customers are after – and keep them coming back for more.

Cindy Dent , Head of Customer Care
Industry: Retail

Delivering premium customer service with Salesforce

Four years ago, Temple & Webster set out to be Australia's number one online retailer in homewares and furniture. Today, it is leagues ahead of the competition – and growing fast through acquisitions – thanks to a firm commitment to customer service and the consistent delivery of on-trend, competitively priced products.

Salesforce is here to help the Temple & Webster team at every step of the way.

Retaining customers with the highest level of service

Today, Temple & Webster has 1.5 million members in its database. These customers come from all over Australia. To win and retain customers, Temple & Webster prides itself on delivering the highest standards of customer service. Led by Head of Customer Care, Cindy Dent, the 30-strong team of customer service agents are charged with responding to customer enquiries in the most efficient, consistent and ultimately reassuring way possible.

Given that the team receives up to 5,000 emails per week, this is no simple task.

From the outset, Temple & Webster has used Desk.com to manage the influx of customer enquiries via email and Facebook. Via Desk.com, every enquiry is followed up, full customer histories and preferences are captured, and valuable insights and reports are produced.

Temple & Webster's customers email through questions on everything from products, to styling, to shipping. Buyers in remote areas, for example, may want to know how the sofa they have purchased is going to be delivered. Dent has structured Desk.com to apply filters to each email or Facebook query, so that the query can then be sent to the appropriate team member.

Importantly, Desk.com contains the full history of every customer on the system, so if a team member finishes their shift part-way through handling a case, another person can pick up exactly where they left off.

"We have also set up 'canned responses' and processes for common queries, so that our team can easily customize and personalize standard responses with just a few keystrokes. Having all this in a central location on Desk.com has allowed me to keep team costs down while improving throughput and reducing response times. It also ensures consistency of message, while not sounding like robots!" Dent said.

Dent's team is spread across the country, with a number of remote workers. The cloud-based Salesforce solution is perfect for this flexible workforce. Using Desk.com, Temple & Webster staff can login from anywhere, at any time, to access the complete log of customer queries.

Making customers feel great about their purchase

Over the last 12 months, Temple & Webster has experienced a 69% reduction in handling times for customer enquiries. "Its flexibility enables us to adjust workflows very quickly, and to address customer pain points much faster than any other system."

Data captured via Desk.com is also helping the business to grow. Dent can access detailed information about suppliers' performance to pass back to the buying, merchandising and technology teams. It provides valuable insights to help improve the customer experience.

"Our number one focus is to provide everything a customer needs to feel great about making their purchase online with us," said Dent. "It's a very competitive market – we're the highest ranking site in our category on productreview.com.au and we want to keep it that way."

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