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With we reduced the time it takes to respond to customers by 90%.

Norm Black , Founder, Managing Director
Industry: Hospitality

Offering first class service with the mobile app

How does a small startup successfully take on well-established competitors in a mature industry? For TripADeal, a fast-growing online adventure deals company, it’s by offering faster, more helpful customer service. “Potential customers typically browse vacation destinations after hours,” explains Norm Black, Founder and Managing Director. “If we can respond right away, we are more likely to make the sale.” With help from the mobile app, TripADeal decreased response times and sent sales through the roof.

Embarking on a customer service journey

The company, headquartered in Byron Bay, Australia, started using when it wanted to manage inquiries from multiple channels —including phone, email, and Twitter— and make it easier for employees to collaborate and help customers.

TripADeal sells to uber-connected consumers that are accustomed to getting the answers they want, when they want them. Since the company can’t afford to staff call centers around the globe they need to make it easy for their local employees to help customers 24/7. With the mobile app, employees can respond to questions any time of the day or night, maintaining work/life balance without sacrificing customer happiness. And with the mobile app, founders can monitor support case volume and content, track trending issues, and keep their fingers on the pulse of the business—and still have time to surf.

A fabulous destination

Since using, TripADeal has reduced the time it takes to respond to customers by 90%, from 24 hours to just 2. “This has had a huge impact on our business,” explains Black. “Our sales are up and our team gets to live the Byron lifestyle while breaking new frontiers for our field.”

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