Customer surveys

Embed surveys in outbound emails

Only a small percentage of customers will proactively reach out to tell you how they feel. If you make it easy for them to provide feedback by inserting a satisfaction survey in every support email you send, response rates will increase.

Customer Satisfaction feedback on the go

Easy measurement

Simple rating scales

Companies have different needs when it comes to measuring customer sentiment. With you can chose an out-of-the-box response format that best fits your question and the measurements you want to use.

Open-ended feedback

Get additional feedback

Include a customized follow-up question to further understand your customers’ feelings and opinions. Embedding open ended questions gives you a second chance to get additional feedback like “ How can we do better next time?”

Take customer service further with customized feedback.

Rules and labels

Create business rules and labels

Quickly identify your super-fans or your unhappiest customers with labels. Set up business rules for personalized responses so you can start turning unhappy customers into happy ones, fast.

Stay organized and efficient with automated rules
Filter cases for quick resolution


Categorize with filters

Create filters for cases with high or low CSat scores, so you can see what’s working and make every customer interaction a great one.


Identify trends and opportunities

Learn what your customers want so you can correlate customer satisfaction with agent performance and find coaching opportunities for your team.