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The All-In-One Help Desk Solution

View and respond to all customer questions and inquiries from an all-in-one Universal Inbox. It’s as easy to use as your own email inbox, just smarter. No more switching windows or jumping from screen to screen to manage customer support.

Why You Need an All-In-One Help Desk

Many customers regularly use more than one support channel to reach out for help. A customer might email a company’s support team, and then after a few hours of no response, calls customer service or sends a tweet to the company’s Twitter page. Nine out of ten customers expect to receive a consistent experience over multiple customer service channels. However, 65% of customers receive inconsistent information when contacting businesses via multiple channels. So why do business find it difficult to institute multichannel support?

Many businesses don’t have the correct tools to communicate with their support team, have access to a customer’s purchase history or maneuver through customer cases from multiple channels. That’s why many fast-growing companies are switching to an all-in-one help desk to handle all customer interactions.

What You Can Do WIth An All-In-One Help Desk’s Universal Inbox is an all-in-one help desk solution that pulls all of your support channels in one place. So when a customer reaches out, you can see a single view of all of your customer conversations. For your team every keystroke matters, and we understand that customer support Agents live in the tool. That's why is designed with the Agent's life in mind. No more switching windows and tools to manage customer service. It's all right in front of you and nothing falls through the cracks.

Email automatically turns emails into customer cases, each with an assigned owner, a priority and a status. Net result: faster, consistent customer support.

Twitter and Facebook is the only customer service app built from the ground up to support today’s social customer. When customers reach out with questions via Twitter or Facebook, view and respond to social media conversations right from within


Turn any phone call into a customer case. Easily search your customer history to see if are you talking to an existing customer. Seeing everything at a glance keeps your support in control and organized.


Add live chat to your website so your customers can engage directly with your support agents. Choose from’s own chat system or one of our partner apps.

Discussion Boards

Interact with your customers with discussion boards on your website. Agents can easily moderate and reply to customers from your all-in-one help desk.


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