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Configure Your Remote Help Desk

A Remote Help Desk At Its Best

A remote help desk is a key part of’s philosophy “never let a customer fall through the cracks.” Quickly respond to customer cases using the same familiar filters from your Agent Desktop. Use your iPhone, Android or Blackberry to stay on top of customer support.

Support for a wide range of devices:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iPad
  • Android Tablets

Available on the App Store

What You Can Do With A Remote Help Desk Reply by Email

Respond to customer cases from an email notification without logging into With reply by email, you can easily escalate high priority cases, leave private notes for other agents and respond to cases on-the-go.


Set up case notifications so as soon as a case is assigned, your agents will be notified right away. You can even access the entire macro library remotely without ever having to type long replies.

All the Features You Need’s remote help desk comes with all the same features as your desktop client. Change your support case’s status, priority and ownership and easily modify customer and company information associated with your cases. You can even post private notes and respond to cases that other agents can see in real time.

Mobile Support Center

Your remote help desk will automatically know when a customer is visiting your online support center from a mobile device. Your agents can serve them the knowledge base content when they need it and in a mobile-friendly way.


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