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Create Your Help Desk Support Center

Most customers want to help themselves. With help desk support, you can easily configure a kick-ass, help desk support center, with all the trimmings and zero heavy lifting.

Why You Need Help Desk Support

Today’s customers have become more self-sufficient when it comes to seeking out answers to customer service and support issue. Help desk support, such as a support center or a self-service portal, have made it possible for customers to solve their support issues on their own time instead of reaching out to a company directly. In fact, 72% of customers prefer self-service support over contacting a company over phone or email. Investing in help desk support can be a daunting task for any business, especially fast-growing companies with limited time and resources. However, there is help desk support technologies like that offer benefits to customers and companies alike.

What You Can Do With Help Desk Support

Reduce Costs

Did you know it’s cheaper to have customers help themselves? Enabling help desk support eliminates a call or email to a live support agent, along with the associated labor costs. To put this into better perspective, the table below represents the approximate costs of each customer service channel per customer contact.

Reduced Case Volume

The pain point many customers experience with customer support is having to wait for a response. Also, if you’re a fast-growing company, the increase of customers means an increase in the volume of customer cases. Help desk support is a solution to that problem. In fact, according to the table below, 15.6% of support requests are reduced just from implementing help desk support.

Increased Agent Productivity

Because help desk support keeps repetitive customer questions from ever reaching email or phone, it gives agents more time to focus on more complicated cases and more time helping each customer. A good example of increased agent productivity comes from’s customer Ticketleap. Before enabling help desk support, Ticketleap spent 80% of their day on the phone helping one customer at a time. After setting up a help desk support center, Ticketleap now spends 20% of their time on the phone resolving complicated cases and 80% on email leveraging help desk knowledge base articles.

The one thing companies can do right now to get started with help desk support is to commit to it. If you’re company is feeling uncertain about investing in help desk support, check out our free eBook “The Ultimate Guide: Self-Service Support for Fast-Growing Companies.”


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