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How to create a social support strategy

Welcome to the age of the social customer. Here are six things you need to consider when you offer support on social channels.

How to take your customer service global.

Today’s customers have a lot of power – and their voices are amplified exponentially on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social channels. Not only do they research and interact with brands online, but they’re vocal about sharing their opinions. Most companies recognize the need to make social a part of their customer service strategy, and that they need to involve all of their employees – but they aren’t always sure how to get started or how to make customers happy on social. Check out our new e-book to learn 6 things to consider as you set your social support strategy, including:

  • How to (and not to) represent your brand on social
  • Ways to use social to offer faster, more personalized support
  • How social can guide your product strategy
  • Best practices for integrating social with your other service channels

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