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Good Customer Service: How Over Servicing Your Customer is a Competitive Advantage

Good customer support often starts with a commitment from the top. In this video, blogger and analyst Brent Leary talks with customer John Pepper, co-founder of burrito chain, Boloco.

How is Over Serving Your Customer a Competitive Advantage?

In the incredibly competitive fast food landscape, Boloco has continued to grow by over servicing the customer. To compete, Boloco learned early on that they had to have more of a purpose than just selling great food, they had to be relevant to their customers and offer top-notch level of customer service. Fifteen years after it's founding, Boloco's story continues to be a great example of how exceptional customer service can be a competitive advantage.

John Pepper: "The purpose of Boloco is this: through a common burrito how can we positively impact the lives of our people through bold inspired practices? One of those practices is to provide the very best service to build the best relationships we possibly can with each individual customer, which is sixty thousand a week these days…that will translate into real loyalty over time."

Common Mistakes Lead to Business Growth

Brent Leary: "One thing you said, we make mistakes and that gives us an opportunity to make up for those mistakes and go the extra mile. But a lot of people shun mistakes, they try and hide the mistakes, right?"

John Pepper: "We actually bring the mistakes out. Mistakes are an opportunity where you get a chance to show what you're really made of as a company, as a culture and as a service organization. Some of the biggest mistakes we've made have led to our very best customers."

Improving Business ROI With Social Media Listening

Brent Leary: "As a CEO, why is it important for you to pay attention to what your customers are saying online?"

John Pepper: "We're in this business to make people happy so we're checking on customers because we're authentically concerned. We're empathetic with customers who don't have great experiences. Also, by staying connected to the customer you're able to build new ways of training your people on how to deliver human customer service based upon just keeping your thumb on the pulse of the business."

Brent Leary: " Share with us an example of how you're listening and how you made a customer happy?"

John Pepper: "Social media is one of the best listening tools ever. An example of where it really made impact was in early 2009 when a customer tweeted, 'I wish someone would turn the music down…' I happened to see the tweet, call the restaurant and have the manager turn the music down and deliver the customer a cookie."

Treat All Customers Equally

Brent Leary: "Do you look to see who that customer is that has an issues, does it matter who it is or do you just take it how it comes?"

John Pepper: "If someone has a great experience we thank them and we're happy that they came. If someone has a bad experience we are jumping through hoops to take care of it. Once in awhile you might Google someone or figure out who it is, but the reality is that every customer's equal in terms of how they're treated. We really don't discriminate anyone for anything especially when it comes to a great recovery."

Why Answering Every Customer Matters

Brent Leary: "How long did it take you guys to really say we're gonna answer every customer?"

John Pepper: "It's something I personally started, but now there's 18 of us providing this kind of service, especially using We've only been a customer for nine months, but it's allowed us to go from just a few of us to many of us and we all get to see our responses, we track it, we measure it."


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