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Which industries get the most customer service complaints?

The internet has made it much easier for people to vent about bad service. In fact, if you make customers unhappy online, they each tell 6,000 friends. Learn which industries use social media to resolve customer complaints effectively and which are falling behind.

There’s a way to turn customer complaints into positives instead of fails. Here are some benefits of doing customer service right and which industries are doing it correctly: If businesses engage customers via social media, they spend 20% to 40% more. BUT only 44% of the top online retailers use social. Technology ranked 6th in positive customer service reactions with 66% of customers relaying negative responses. 48% felt discontent with their customer service experience. Financial services consistently ranks lows in social media customer service with credit card companies having the worst service ratings. Retail is the clear leader in providing excellent customer service, especially on social with the companies John Lewis and Waitrose being ranked first and second as having the best customer service.

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