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Grow your on-demand business with customer service

Businesses today need to back their on-demand products with service that’s just as fast.

“The only way we can reach our goal of responding to customers within 10 minutes any time of the day or night is by using”

– Jared Simon, COO and Co-Founder, HotelTonight

Today’s world is moving faster, faster, faster. Consumers run their lives from their mobile devices and have grown to expect instant access to products and services. A new generation of on-demand services are meeting their needs with everything from clothing to music, taxis, meal delivery, and even parking spots. It’s not enough, however, to just offer instant access to your product or service. Today’s customers also have high expectations for the service that you back your business with. If they don’t get fast answers, they might go elsewhere. Learn how helps on-demand businesses of every size offer fast, helpful service and easily share information so they can move at the speed that today’s customers demand.

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