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Grow your online community with customer service

How can you drive engagement with your online community through a fast, awesome customer service experience?

“ helps us maintain an intimate relationship with our passionate community.”

– Darnell Witt, Director of Support and Community, Vimeo

Online communities are a great way for fast-growing companies to learn about their customer base and help customers connect with each other. But when, as Gartner reports, almost 70% of the community typically fails to actually get involved in the conversation, the challenge for small businesses looking to grow their communities lies in driving engagement. For fast-growing companies, a key part of fostering a successful online community is to always make sure your support team is integrated into the community so they are both answering customer questions and engaging with customers within the community. Learn how can help companies of any size with online communities scale through rapid growth, have screaming fast response times, and create personalized community experiences every time.

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