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Grow your web app business with customer service

How can a fast-growing web app keep up with a high volume of customer requests and on the channels they prefer?

“With we can maintain customer satisfaction rates of 95% with only a small support team.”

– Jennifer Wentzel, Community Support Specialist, SoundCloud

It’s no secret that web apps are growing at an incredible rate. In fact, Nielsen reports that today’s consumers spend 65% more time each month using apps than they did just two years ago. And because they expect fast, instant access to Internet services via these apps, they also have high expectations when it comes to the support they receive from web app providers. For fast-growing app providers, fast and helpful customer service is key to building a loyal customer base. Learn how can help web app companies of any size scale through rapid growth, have screaming fast response times, and create personalized service experiences, and make sure that a customer request never slips through the cracks with whole company support.

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