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Find tips and best practices for making awesome service your secret ingredient.

Create Your Help Desk Support Team’s unrivaled productivity tools was built for customer service collaboration. Route customer inquiries with ease and respond to multiple requests in a single keystroke all from one shared collaborative dashboard.


Encourage great customer support by awarding virtual badges to individual agents. Badges are visible accomplishments that reward agents for professionalism, teamwork and delivering great customer service.

Case Filters

Create as many filters or work queues as you want for specific groups or specialities. See cases that haven’t been resolved. See cases that are assigned just to you. Even see high priority cases that have not gotten a response in more than two hours. With case filters, you and your team never have to look for a case to solve.

Labels and notes

Organization relies on communication between agents. Using, agents can communicate internally on specific cases through private notes. Agents can also add custom information such as a customer ID or product purchases. Collaborate with fellow team members and focus on delivering amazing customer service.

Escalation and Tracking

Nothing hider’s an agent’s performance more than being unaware of the status or priority of a case.’s Case Management system tracks the status and priority of every customer case so that your entire team is in-the-know of all incoming and outgoing customer interactions.


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