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Create Compelling Help Desk Knowledge Base Articles

All of your help desk knowledge base articles are managed within’s powerful content manager. It’s as simple as using a word processor or blog editor. Your support agents will be able to update content without having to turn to IT or a web designer.

Why You Need a Help Desk Knowledge Base

Creating a help desk support center can be a daunting task, most notably writing help desk knowledge base articles. However, enabling help desk support offers benefits to customers and companies alike. Companies benefit by providing cost-effective support solutions while customers can solve problems on their own time. Fast-growing companies that invest time in writing help desk knowledge base articles have noticed numerous benefits including:

  • An increase in customer satisfaction
  • Better use of their product or service
  • A decrease in case volume
  • An increase in agent efficiency

What You Can Do With a Help Desk Knowledge Base

Create Unique Sites For All Your Brands

Over structuring your knowledge base content with too many categories that are too specific can lead to confusion for your agents as well as your customers. Provide an exceptional customer self-service experience by creating separate help desk support centers for your entire product line. Less confusion equals happier customers.

Open a Dialogue

Add community discussions to your website so customers can post public questions and answer each other while your support agents help out. Answer commonly asked questions with links to your help desk knowledge base articles.

Include a Rating System

Easily implement a rating system into your help desk knowledge base articles. This means that customers can rate their satisfaction with the content. By allowing customers to rate your help desk knowledge base content, your agents will know which articles are truly helpful and which of them need to be revised.

Contact Form

When customers can’t find their own answers in your help desk support center, or when they just want to reach out to you, they’ll be able to find you easily through a contact form. Add a contact form in your help desk support center. Add your own fields and styles. Inquiries will come directing into as trackable cases.

If you want to learn more or your company is feeling uncertain about investing a help desk knowledge base, check out our free eBook “The Ultimate Guide: Self-Service Support for Fast-Growing Companies.”


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