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Today's Help Desk Software

Today's customer is placing unprecedented demands on smaller companies to deliver customer service in the cloud across traditional and social channels. Implementing a help desk software solution can make your job easier. And if you get there ahead of your competition, customers will notice. is a new type of help desk software that you don't have to install. It's a software as a service platform that delivers customer service through the web, unlike traditional help desk software. So there's no hardware of software installations or updates— is scalable, web-based and in the cloud. That means easy sign-up, easy deployment, and an easy experience for both your Agents and your customers. is the social, mobile, easy-to-use and affordable help desk software solution adaptable and customizable to your business' needs.

Introducing The New Social Help Desk is a social help desk designed to help companies address their customer's needs in the most effective way possible—in both traditional and social environments including Facebook, Twitter, email, chat and phone. That way, you can respond efficiently in real-time wherever a customer reaches out. is easy to use and uncomplicated. It's so simple to manage that any company, even without an IT staff, can get up and running in no time. Any employee can use their help desk software with mobile so they can support their customers any time, anywhere. Finally,'s pricing is straightforward, simple and honest. You can scale up and down based on the season or your business needs and only pay for what you use, making it possible for anyone in an organization to participate in customer support—easily and affordably. is the social, mobile, simple and affordable help desk software solution.

The New Social Help Desk for Small Businesses is helping companies deliver awesomely responsive customer support:

Social provides a new social help desk that demystifies integrating social networks with other support channels like email, phone and web, all in one, easy-to-use Agent Desktop. The Facebook and Twitter integrations with come standard, right out of the box. In fewer than five clicks, a company can connect its Facebook or Twitter accounts to the Agent Desktop. Social networks are now first-class citizens along with traditional customer support channels.

Mobile Mobile makes it easy for employees to deliver customer support via remote help desk. Mobile is built with HTML5, which gives mobile device users a richer experience and improved usability, regardless of the device they use.

  • iPhone, Android & Blackberry Friendly — Business is at users' fingertips no matter where they go with Mobile. runs on any smartphone that supports HTML5, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad and Android Tablets.
  • Respond Quickly & Easily—Users can instantly access all of their information no matter where their business takes them. With Mobile, users can quickly, and remotely, respond to customer support cases using the same familiar filters from their desktop client and access the entire macro library without having to type long replies.
  • Airtight Case Management: Not only can users respond to customer cases through their remote help desk, they can now re-assign, change groups, change status, change priority for cases, and modify customer information associated with cases.


Many companies struggle with the desire to provide excellent customer service with limited IT resources. These companies require a help desk software that is easy to set up and simple to use. helps companies with:

  • Easy Sign-up—'s sign-up process is as simple to use as any consumer app. With only four required fields, a company can register for its own social help desk in a matter of seconds.
  • Easy Deployment—Once a new instance of is launched, the next hurdle is getting employees trained. This is compounded for companies where every employee plays a role in customer support. provides a checklist to help companies get started, and each task that a company works through earns the company flex hour credits, which represent hours of time using the application that anyone in the company can use.
  • Easy Agent Experience—Agents using will discover a sleek and streamlined design in the easy-to-use Agent Desktop. The Agent Desktop enables Agents to start using right out of the gate through an intuitive user interface that is as easy to use as Facebook or Gmail.
  • Easy Reporting—With Business Insights, companies will be able to see at a glance the most important metrics detailing how every aspect of their customer service is performing. Our help desk tools include:
    • Data on how many cases Agents have opened, resolved, replied to, reassigned, or reopened—regardless of who was assigned the case.
    • Twelve pre-built reports providing data for average handle time, time to first response, first contact resolution rate, and more.


Any business can afford provides you with two pricing plans: the Starter Plan and the Plus Plan.

The Starter Plan is $3 per month for up to 3 Agents billed annually. It includes all the basic support tools like email, phone, and social support channels to get you started right away with customer service.

For those who want to take customer service to the next level, the Plus Plan is $29 per month per agent billed annually. This is the complete support solution that includes customized branding, multilingual support, sophisticated workflows, and much more.

Need help getting your account customized, configured and looking great? We offer two packages: The Case Management Package (where we’ll teach you how to use your support site and set it up for you) and the Support Center Design Package (we’ll help you set up your customer facing Support Center)


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