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Help Desk Tools to Measure Support Volume and Agent Performance

With’s help desk tools, you’ll be able to track and measure key metrics like case volume and agent performance. Understand what channels your cases came from and how they were handled by your team.

Why You Need Help Desk Tools

Response time is often the deciding factor between a good and bad customer support experience. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve had to reach out to customer support. In which case we want our problem resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fortunately there are simple help desk tools that can help you track and measure valuable pieces of information including customer contact channel preference, the total number of incoming cases, average replies per resolve, average time to resolution and number of cases resolved with a single interaction.

What You Can Do WIth Help Desk Tools

Summarize Case Activity

Managers can easily look back at your customer service activity and gain insight what channel your cases came from and how they were handled by your team. comes with12 pre-populated reports, including an analytics dashboard.

Slice and Dice Information the Way You Want It

With help desk tools you can track labeled cases at various states of a case cycle, understand inbound interactions from your customers, and see at a glance what’s happening in your help desk support center.

See How Cases Were Handled By Your Team

Help desk tools come with agent performance reports that focus on the actions, achievements and work by your support agents. See how many support cases agents opened, resolved, replied to, reassigned, or reopened, regardless of who the case was assigned to.


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