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Manage Your Customer Service Efforts During the Holidays

Today’s customers have unreasonably high service expectations – even more so during the holiday rush. The last thing you want is to let the quality of your customer service slip during the most important time of the year.

In order to shine amidst the clutter of aggressive discounts and free shipping deals, your support team needs to provide an amazing, personalized customer service experience.

We talked with dozens of customers to understand how they provide the best possible customer service during the holidays. Based on their feedback, we put together six of the best strategies that all businesses — regardless of size — should use to prepare for the peak seasons.

Plan Ahead

Consider planning three months before peak seasons. Planning ahead and setting goals is essential, especially for businesses that have experienced rapid customer growth in the past months. Look at workflows and customer satisfaction ratings from past peak seasons so you can make an educated forecast on how many customer inquiries you’ll receive this year.

Divide and Conquer: Triaging Customer Interactions

A high volume of customer cases flooding your inbox has the ability to slow your agents down. An effective strategy is “triaging” that gives all cases quick and instant attention. So when cases come in, you can assign them to the right person, right away. This way, you’re ensuring the right agents are resolving the customer’s issue.

Improve Self-Service Support

The holidays are a time of high case volumes and even high emotions. Keep both at bay with an online support center so customers can find answers to their questions 24/7. A great way to serve more customers faster is to create a Holiday FAQ. Rather than contacting your support team directly, holiday shoppers can solve their own problems.

Empower Agents to Get the Job Done

Give your agents the trust and confidence to make their own judgement and solve customer problems. A team of support agents that deliver a fun and fast customer experience has the potential to deliver amazing, personalized customer service, which can be a competitive advantage during the holidays.

Focus on Fast Resolution Times

Resolving a customer issue as quickly as possible is the biggest efficiency metric to focus on during the holidays. Setting goals for an immediate first response time is a great way to make customers happy because it assures them that support is available.

Activate Whole Company Support

Rather than hiring seasonal workers, cross-train fellow employees for the busy holiday season. By engaging with customers directly, employees are able to obtain insight on the specific needs and problems that your customers have an ease the load on your support team by answering simple questions.


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