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Integrating with

When you share customer information across your company, you can collaborate more effectively and make every customer experience exceptional.

Integrating with

In today’s hyper-connected world, companies compete on customer experiences. “Getting closer” to customers is the new marketing mantra, but many companies don’t know what that really means or how to get started. Your customer service agents are already on the front lines, talking to customers every single day. They are sitting atop a virtual goldmine of information on customer needs and pain points. If you connect this data to the rest of your business, you can unlock insights that can drive success for every department. Check out this e-book and see:

  • Which departments can be connected to and what types of data can be shared
  • The four types of integrations available with including one-directional, bi-directional, app-within-app, and more
  • How easy it is to connect the helpdesk solution to the rest of your business
  • Helpful resources for additional integration information

Download “Integrating with” today and get ready to connect support to the rest of your business and grow faster than ever.

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