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Knowledge base: a powerful customer support tool.

One of the most powerful tools included in a customer support solution is the knowledge base. If you use your knowledge base to its full advantage you can guarantee success for your small business.

How to make your knowledge base work harder.

With a knowledge base, consistent, correct answers are always at your agents’ fingertips. You can continually update articles to address changes in your product or the marketplace so everyone at your company can find the most up-to-date information and help customers faster.

You can also make your knowledge base available on a self-service site, so your customers can easily help themselves. Not only can this reduce case volume and costs, but it also increases satisfaction because customers can get the answers they want when they want them, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

If you’re going to invest time in building a knowledge base, make sure it works as hard for you as possible. Here are some tips for creating an awesome knowledge base:

Writing counts.

Here more than ever, you need to write for a general audience. Keep it informative, but use conversational words, not deeply technicals ones that might not be meaningful for all of your audience. This is especially important for the title and the introduction because that’s what readers will use to determine if they are in the right place.

Build your brand.

Just because it’s a knowledge base doesn’t mean it has to be boring — after all, you want your readers to stay awake long enough to finish the article. Your knowledge base is an interaction with your brand and you should be sure to express your company’s personality and unique voice. And don’t be afraid to include humor.

Measure, measure, measure.

If you continually keep an eye on which help desk knowledge base articles are being accessed most frequently, you spot areas for product improvements that you might not have thought of before. Things as small as slight adjustments to the user interface or as big as whole new feature sets. You can also spot new issues when they are emerging so you can fix them, fast.

Include a rating system.

If you include a rating system in your help desk knowledge base article you can gain insight on what content is working. Your agents will see which articles are truly helpful and which of them need to be revised so they are more helpful for customers.

Add a contact form.

When customers can’t find their own answers in your help desk support center, or when they just want to reach out to you, a contact form makes it easy for them to reach out without having to go some place else and get answers fast.

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