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Add Multilingual Customer Support

With multilingual customer support, you can support your customers in a language they understand. So you can route issues, manage content and track translation. You can increase productivity and lower support costs. And most importantly, you can build a better experience for both for you and your customers.

Multilingual Filters and Rules

Send your customer cases directly to agents based on their fluency, that way every customer gets the support they need from the agent that can help them best. Whether your customers reach out to you in Japanese, Polish or Spanish or via email, Twitter or chat, you can give them language-specific responses with ease.

  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. Chinese (Simplified)
  4. Chinese (Traditional)
  5. Czech
  6. Danish
  7. Dutch
  8. English (Australia)
  9. English (Canada)
  10. English (Ireland)
  11. English (New Zealand)
  12. English (UK)
  13. Filipino
  14. Finnish
  15. French (Canada)
  16. French
  17. Greek
  18. German
  19. Hebrew
  20. Hindi
  21. Hungarian
  22. Indonesian
  23. Italian
  24. Japanese
  25. Korean
  26. Malay
  27. Norwegian
  28. Polish
  29. Portuguese
  30. Portuguese (Brazil)
  31. Russian
  32. Spanish
  33. Spanish (Mexico)
  34. Swedish
  35. Thai
  36. Turkish

Multilingual Support Center

Enable multilingual support in your online support center so international customers have the ability to search your content and solve their own problems in the language they prefer. Easily manage the translations in your knowledge base articles and Questions and Answers.

Multilingual Knowledge

The content manager makes it easy to publish knowledge base articles in every language. Give your agents a multilingual knowledge base stocked with all the translations the need s they can provide the best answer in the language of the customer.


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