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How to Go Above and Beyond Online Customer Service, Superhero Style

In today’s day and age of immediate solutions and mobile devices, customer expectations of a company’s support are higher than ever. In order for your business to thrive in this social world, you can’t just have normal customer service need to have Agent Superheroes.

Everyday, 250 million tweets and 294 billion emails go out, and that doesn’t count all of the likes, check-ins, and Yelp reviews. The emergence of new online customer service channels, the desire for human interaction in a digital world and ever-changing expectations of consumers have made it especially challenging for businesses like yours to provide a consistent and exceptional online customer service experience. Any business that’s going to keep their head above water, is going to need help, and fast. It’s time to unleash your business’s secret power: Agent Superheroes.

Traditionally, a customer support agent is a business’s customer service representative that handles all incoming and outgoing customer interactions. But an Agent Superhero is more than that. They are relentless about providing online customer service and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. If your business wants to thrive, you need to amp up your online customer service skills.

Below are fives ways your agents can go above and beyond online customer service.

1. Provide Consistent Support

Today, customers are using multiple channels to reach out for customer support and they expect a unified, consistent experience no matter what channel they use.In fact, 9 out of 10 customers expect to receive consistent support over multiple channels. And 65% of customers receive inconsistent information when contacting companies on multiple support channels.

To achieve Agent Superhero status:

  1. Combine all of your customer support channels into one shared dashboard
  2. View and respond to all customer inquiries from one single location

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2. See-All-Know-All About Your Customers

The top in-class superheroes have the unique ability to know everything about a person. Unfortunately, support agents don’t have access to the same information without the proper tools.

To see-all-know-all about your customers:

  1. Have a customer profile readily available with each interaction
  2. Add company and customer information to personalize your interactions

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3) Help Customers Help Themselves

When it comes to online customer service, most customers want to help themselves. In fact, 72% of respondents said they prefer self-service support over phone and email. And 91% said they would use a company’s help desk knowledge base to meet their customer service needs.

If you want to go above and beyond the heroic standard:

  1. Keep the search bar front and center so knowledge base content is easy to find
  2. Constantly update your knowledge base content so it’s accurate and relevant to customers

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4) Double Up: Be Fast and Accurate

It’s no doubt that response time is an important metric to measure when it comes to delivering great customer service. If not managed properly, your support agent’s poor response times can be your company’s Kryptonite.

To be fast and accurate:

  1. Create a process to automatically route your customer inquiries
  2. Organize your cases into work queues for different teams and specialties

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5) Gain Perspective

The best in-class superheroes understand that tracking support volume and agent performance is necessary to become better at what they do.

To amp up your online customer service performance:

  1. Track agent performance reports to understand areas where your team can improve
  2. Track the volume of your customer interaction channels

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6) Activate Whole Company Support (Bonus Tip)

A true superhero can achieve just about anything on their own, but they know the power that teamwork can provide. In a company focused on providing great online customer service, it should be everyone’s job to support the customer, from marketing to development to sales. This way, everyone is investing and the customer gets the support they need from the person that can help them the best.


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